Our Story

There's no exciting back story for atticus road.  No tales of inspiration striking when travelling through the desert on the back of a camel.  No chance meeting of like-minded individuals over a game of baccarat in some dodgy casino in a former soviet state.  In fact, everything is planned.  Which is probably reassuring for an agency that puts plans together.

There is a vision though.  And it's loud.  Because it's about finding a unified voice that represents your brand, your culture and your people.  It's about developing your marketing, your sales, your products and your service.  Above all, it's about being heard and cutting across the plethora of modern mediums at the disposal of a tech-savvy and demanding generation.

Before we ramble on and get too excited about what we do, let's get back to who we are.  Think of us as a specialised commando unit led by Neil (that's him on the left) that can be called upon as required. Between us we have a gazillion years of experience (well, quite a lot anyway) in all the fun areas of business.  So that's everything other than accounting then.  The fearless leader (again, that's him on the left) has been responsible for some of New Zealand's best known and most loved brands, such as Skyline Queenstown, Skyline Luge and The Helicopter Line.  He launched the Clogger range of chainsaw protection in the United States (heralded as the most successful arborist industry product entry in the last 5 years). He's done some other stuff too, like leading the strategic marketing of one of New Zealand's largest chain of Veterinary clinics (VetSouth/VetNZ).  Back in the UK, he managed and grew the Norwich branch of Enterprise Rent-A-Car (the world's largest car rental company) into their largest in Europe.  Oh, and he likes opera for some reason.

As the boss at Atticus Road he's been busy with a number of businesses and large international brands, such as Continental Tyres and Maxxis Tyres.  

Atticus Road is also pleased to be trusted by Cloke Clothing, Aurora Clothing, Tyremax, Insol Ltd and Miller Creative.  Internationally, Atticus Road is working with New York based EVEN at the cutting edge of hearable technology, with the introduction of patented personalised audio and the groundbreaking EVEN headphones.   


Neil is supported by a carefully selected team of highly talented individuals who can be called upon to assist on projects.  Between them, they boast a large range of high profile roles across tourism, digital, design and customer service.  The one thing they all have in common is an unwavering belief in developing clear and distinct voices for a company through careful planning. 

They have never played baccarat together and never been across the desert on a camel.

As for the name Atticus Road...read that story here