• Neil Kilby

Discard the design handcuffs. Paint over the lines.

Your hands are tied. There's the budget. It's not big, not impressive...and likely not enough. To get out of the budget shackle you restrict your design by buying a template. Which is restricting your brand. Restricting your voice.

Designing a digital presence can easily make you feel like you're stuck. Yes, your hands really are tied. There are some awesome digital agencies that can help you. But they come at a price. This is not to say they are not worth it. They are. Every single penny. But maybe you don't have many pennies to spend.

You could use a 'build-your-own' service. There's plenty of them. Some are pretty good too. And the price could be right. Thing is though, you have to paint your digital vision on their canvas. Sure, they provide all the tools. But with tools come rules. With rules comes restrictions. With restrictions comes the dilution of design.

So, let's say your business wants a micro-site or a digital lookbook. What do you do? Kill your budget or kill your creativity? Of course, you'll want to do neither. And we don't blame you. Those choices don't hold much appeal and its why atticus road is partnering with US based, readz.

But they're a 'build-your-own' platform I hear you cry. Yup. They sure are. But they've freed the canvas. They call it the liquid layout. And it's pretty good. Actually, it's very good. You get all the tools you need, even some suggestions to help you out. But that digital canvas remains yours. The rules are removed. You 'paint over the lines' and go your own way. The budget is contained but your creativity is not.

...and it's trusted by folk like Nike and IBM. Now that's some good company to be in.

Want to learn more about how you can develop a micro-site or sell via a shoppable lookbook? Reach out and get in touch.

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