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Hello. My name is...

A company chooses its name for all sorts of reasons. Normally, the name speaks to the product or is related somehow to the industry they are in. So where on earth did Atticus Road come from? Because, let's be honest, it doesn't really make sense does it?

It could have easily been something different. Maybe Neil Kilby Consulting or Kilby Marketing. It would be nice to have something that carries my name but my children will do that. Along wth making sure I need to work, so I can keep them supplied with brightly coloured and (very) loud toys. Oh, and to make sure I never sleep properly. Ever again.

Nope, the name had to have more meaning. It had to stand for something and represent an ideal, an approach to business and an approach to life. Sounds rather grand when put it like that doesn't it?

Like most folk, I've always found pleasure in books, movies and music. However, 2Pac Marketing or Miles Davies Consulting is probably not allowed as a name. Neither would be Withnail Consulting. And I'd probably be laughed at if I called the company Dawsons Creek Consulting (even though DC is the greatest TV series ever made...seriously, it is).

Nope, none of them would do. You see, whilst I'm a fan, they don't have the meaning I was looking for or resonate with who I am and my approach to business.

But what about literature? The character of Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mockingbird" is one of morality and reason. (Note: for the sake of this story we are pretending "Go Set a Watchman" was never written). Atticus is a man of honesty and integrity. He treats all people the same. He lectures his children against taking advantage of others. He is an expert at "climbing into other people's skin and walking around in it" - he simply understands. He is a good man who believes in doing the right thing. And, importantly, he gives a voice to those that need one.

I'm not Atticus Finch (I'm much shorter for one). But I like to think we share some of the same qualities. I believe businesses should have a purpose and do the right thing. That's right by employees, right by consumers, the environment and the communities you operate in. Your goal is not to make a profit (shhh.....don't tell the accountants) it's to do something right (it's ok accountants - the profits will follow). This means offering the best product or service you can. Just do it right.

If 'Atticus' speaks to purpose, doing it right and providing a voice, then 'Road' speaks to the notion of a journey. And that's what I help companies with...

Atticus Road is about helping companies on their journey to find their 'right' and find their voice.

So...welcome to Atticus Road. We'll help you find your voice.

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