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It's time to offer businesses more to help navigate the downturn

Being able to tap into real knowledge and real experience is more critical than ever for businesses looking to navigate the downturn.

Which is why we are very pleased to welcome John Cooper to Atticus Road. With John as part of the setup, we have the expertise of a business leader with a proven track record in multiple industries, across the ups and downs of multiple economic cycles.

We have always had the demand and desire to expand but have resisted until the perfect fit was possible, even if the timing may seem a little strange. Atticus Road has a peculiar name for a reason. Atticus Finch (from the Harper Lee novel, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’) was a man of honesty and integrity. He did things the right way, providing guidance and a voice to those who needed it, which is what we aim to do. In John Cooper, we have someone who possesses the same qualities as Atticus, along with a rich history in business and company strategy development.

As John says "having spent a lifetime in and around many different businesses in varying stages of development and performance some truths are more relevant than ever in this extraordinary time of extreme change and opportunity. It is crucial to have leadership in deciding what is the right thing to do, not just doing things right. And crucially businesses must, more than ever, plan not only for the changes forced on them but plan to forge opportunities from this huge shift. Failing to plan opens up any business to the things that evolve naturally and with no help; chaos, disorder and malperformance. Organisations need clear strategies to guide them and help them react to the new order and the opportunities that will come”.

With John, we'll not only increase our capacity in Brand and Marketing but also our broader offering, including business wide strategy development, market analysis and operational management. It also fits our stance of only offering advice from senior professionals who can point to a successful history of doing it ‘in the field for real’.

Marketing should never be viewed in isolation. For businesses who are just a little uncertain of how they can get all the parts of the business in harmony, we can help. Indeed, if you simply don’t know where to start, that’s where we come in.

John’s career has seen him hold multiple leadership roles across Tourism, Leisure, Nutraceuticals and Manufacturing. He is a previous Director of the Tourism Industry Association, Destination Queenstown, Destination Marlborough and is the former Chairman of the New Zealand Ski Area Association and Miller Creative Group.

John Cooper

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