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There are 171, 476 words to choose from in the English language.  That’s quite a lot.  And anyone who writes for your brand will need to know which words to use, when to use them and how to use them.  


Finding Your Brand Voice will uncover your brand tone of voice, making it as distinctive as other brand assets, like your logo.  


At the end, you’ll have a clearly defined brand voice with a set of guidelines to help anyone who writes as your brand.  You’ll have a brand voice that is different from your competitors, and you’ll have a brand voice that can make itself heard in a very loud market


Finding Your Brand Voice includes:


  • Finding Your Brand Voice Workshop (3 to 4 hours).

  • The creation of your brand voice.

  • A digital copy of your brand's tone of voice guidelines.  

  • Examples of how to write in your brand voice.

  • Hints and tips for better brand writing.  

The price to find your brand voice is $1,500.

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