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Not Your Traditional Cuppa

This is not your traditional marketing agency. Because we believe that model is broken. So this is an ensemble of experts.

Yes, the traditional agency model is broken. It no longer works. Sure, it was nice while it lasted but it’s time to say goodbye to the boat shoes, waxed beards, fancy coffee machines and self-congratulatory social media posts talking about ‘our rock star team’.

We don’t do much self-promotion because a lot of that is just spin (and we should know).

Here's the difference:

Traditional Agency

Atticus Road

Expensive studio with high overheads.

​Work remotely.

Employee based approach adds to costs with provision of employee benefits and provisions.

‘Jobbing’ experts keep costs lower.

Characterised by inexperienced and junior staff with no real in-company experience.

Only Senior professionals who have ‘been there and done that'.

Significant time and funds used in promoting itself, adding to costs needing to be recouped.

We have this website. That's it.

Pressure to bill hours & more profitable for the agency to use less experienced staff (they cost less but generally bill at the same rate)

You know who is working for you.

Less experienced staff often take longer, adding to the bill.

Experienced and efficient.

Use of Account Managers (add little value and normally tasked with increasing the scope of projects and getting more $ from you).

You deal direct with the expert.

Have to fund supporting roles (HR/Finance etc)


Slow to react and respond.


Has a fancy, expensive coffee machine.

Would like one.

What you get.

With Atticus Road you work directly with real experts. We've used that word quite a bit for a reason. It's because this little ensemble has worked for some really big companies and even bigger brands. Like Enterprise Rent-A-Car (they're the world's largest rental car company). And Continental (the world's 4th largest tyre company). Then there's Starbucks (they have fancy coffee machines like those traditional agencies). And Vodafone (they probably ring a bell).

This ensemble has launched brands in Europe and North America. And they talk different there.

You also get a better price. There's no costly infrastructure to support, so prices are generally lower. We even normally provide an hourly rate (we can sense boat shoes shifting nervously on polished wooden floors at the thought of such a notion).

On the downside, we don't have a fancy coffee machine. So, swings and roundabout then.

Anyway, let's do tea. We can talk about it some more.

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